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Mobile Welding & Power Debuts New Product Line

Mobi-ArcSan Diego, CA – Mobile Welding & Power, Inc. (MWP) said today it is introducing two new innovative products: MOBI-ARC™ and MOBI-POWER™. MOBI-ARC™ is a highly efficient, completely solid-state control and delivery device designed to connect to virtually any alternator. During normal driving, the alternator is regulated at an automotive friendly 14.65 volts. When welding leads are connected to the control unit and an arc is struck, the MOBI-ARC™ automatically and instantly switches the alternator into a “high current” mode and electronically protects the vehicle’s battery and electrical system. Optional MODE SELECT™ modules allow the user to create programmable voltage output for safe battery jump-starting and boost-charging applications. Available modules are programmed for 14, 28, 36, and 42 volts however, modules are programmable for custom applications as well.

MOBI-POWER™ is an optional accessory designed to compliment a MOBI-ARC™ Control Unit. Incorporating a UL approved splash-proof 120 volt DC power outlet, MOBI-POWER™ can drive halogen lighting, universal powertools like grinders, sanders, saws, etc, and comes in two performance levels: 2,500 watts and 4,500 watts. Foreign outlets providing 220 volts DC are also available.

MOBI-ARC™ and MOBI-POWER™ stainless steel construction are designed for under-the-hood extremes and are both dust-proof and water resistant. Industries that benefit from these multi-function platforms include service fleets, utility vehicles, off-road enthusiasts, turf-utility vehicles, contractors, farm and ranch maintenance, military, fire and rescue, mining equipment maintenance, and many more.

What makes these products innovative and unique? State-of-the-art switch-mode power control technology affords unsurpassed reliability in a truly ultra-compact package making installation in tight spaces a snap. MOBI-ARC™ and MOBI-POWER™ are designed to connect to virtually any alternator making them the first truly universal alternator-actuated welding control units. They utilize no moving parts, no solenoids, and no mechanical switches; completely solid-state. They are completely automatic; it knows when you want to weld and when welding is suspended, it automatically continues to charge the vehicle’s battery. MOBI-ARC™ and MOBI-POWER™ utilize MOSFET architecture, pulse-width modulation (PWM) for reliability, prolong battery life by regulating both amperage and voltage, and provide the most efficient means to regulate and control power.

MOBI-ARC™ and MOBI-POWER ™ has employed cutting-edge technology and sound electrical engineering architecture to safely control alternator output for use in various applications broadening the versatility of vehicles worldwide.




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