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Snap-on® Rad-Pak Comes in Colors

Snap-On Rad-PakKENOSHA, WI - What do adventure-seeking young adults and new KRA "RAD PAK" tool storage products from Snap-on Tools Company have in common? They're full of energy, aren't afraid to be "extreme" and have plenty of life in them.

Designed with a younger customer in mind, Snap-on Tools offers KRA "RAD PAK" roll cabs and top chests in a variety of vibrant hues, including royal blue, "Furious Lime Green," "Ultra-Yellow," "Gloss Black" and "Eye-Blinding Orange." These durable and affordable products also include matching "morph" paint trims such as red-to-chrome-to-blue on the royal blue units and purple-to-red-to-orange on the "Gloss Black" units. The unique paint quality breaks traditional styles, offering tool storage products that are as unique as their owners.

Although the "RAD PAK" line of KRA tool storage units stands out as being different for displaying such distinctive colors, the roll cabs and top chests offer the same quality as standard KRA equipment. The products are built tough with double-wall construction, featuring two full-sized layers of high-quality "Class 1" heavy-duty steel to provide ultimate strength, durability and finish. Heavy-duty ball bearing slides help drawers open smoothly and interchange easily. Dual mount capability allows a premium handle with comfortable grip to be mounted on either side of the KRA roll cab for convenience in transport.

KRA "RAD PAK" products also feature Snap-on Tools' patented Lock N' Roll® system, which prevents drawers from drifting open. Each 40-inch wide roll cab (KRA4107B) contains seven drawers, offering 15,000 cubic inches of total storage space and non-slip liners to keep stored tools in place during unit transport. A matching top chest (KRA4114A) can be purchased to add an additional 10,000 cubic inches of storage space, including four drawers and an easy-open prop lid for convenient tool retrieval.

Customers can find out more about the KRA "RAD PAK" line of roll cabs and top chests by contacting their local Snap-on representative, visiting www.snapon.com or calling 877-SNAPON-2 (877-762-7662).

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