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Reider Racing
Auburn Gear Releases ECTED Switchable Locker

Taylor, MI - Electronically Controlled Traction Enhancing Differential – the ECTED™.

Reider Racing Enterprises introduces Auburn Gear’s revolutionary new product in traction technology. Limited Slip and Locker all in one differential! The ECTED provides the user with a selectable limited slip or locker mode. Switched "off" for street and trail use it performs like a performance limited slip differential. Switched "on" for the nastiest off road terrain, it turns into a fully locked differential. The ECTED unit does not require any external pneumatic or hydraulic connections. In fact, the ECTED has been developed in several sizes and has been designed to fit within many current OEM axles without modification except for a wire entrance hole.

Reider ECTED LockerReider ECTED Locker

Current applications are:
F88/ECT28 - Ford 8.8” - All 28 spline
F88/ECT31 Ford 8.8” - All 31spline
F88/ECT31i Ford 8.8”/IFS - All 31spline
GM10/ECT28 GM 8.5” 2.73 and up - 28 spline
GM10/ECT28 GM 8.5” 2.73 and up - 30 spline

The ECTED is backed by Auburns one-year warranty and 4 year D-Rex (Differential Replacement Exchange) warranty program.

Reider Racing Enterprises

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