Bed RugOLD HICKORY, TN - The BedRug(r) by Wise Industries, Inc. features all polypropylene construction, making it the most convenient, best-looking, rugged-yet-gentle plastic bedliner available. 
"BedRug's polypropylene fiber surface looks and feels so much like carpet that owners just assume it is," said Ron Wise, president, Wise Industries, Inc.  "In fact, the BedRug's surface is entirely plastic.  But unlike hard plastic liners, the BedRug is soft and pliable, so it's perfect for hauling delicate items - it even makes a comfortable sleeping surface on camping trips, and is excellent for pets."
Bonded to BedRug's plastic surface is a layer of polypropylene foam that will not scratch the truck bed.  The water-resistant, closed-cell foam bottom is custom-molded exactly to a truck's bed ribs, creating a smooth and gentle "knee-friendly" surface.
Due to its all-plastic construction, the BedRug will not rot or mildew, and is not affected by water, dirt, grease, oil, acid, bleach or solvents.  The BedRug is also easy to clean using only a vacuum, hose or pressure washer.
"And unlike carpet, the charcoal-gray plastic fiber surface will never fade, so the BedRug will continue to look great with regular care," Wise added.
The BedRug is available for virtually all domestic and import pickup trucks, in all cab and box configurations.  It installs in less than one hour using hook and loop fasteners, with no special tools required.  The BedRug is backed by a complete customer satisfaction warranty from Wise Industries, Inc. for the lifetime of the truck it is installed in. 
For more information call Wise Industries, Inc. toll-free at 800.462.8435; write P.O. Box 149, Old Hickory, TN, 37138 or visit the company's website at www.bedrug.com.


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