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Isuzu Challenge
Day 12 - Even in the Desert You Need an Anchor

Isuzu Challenge 2003We were awoken by the sound of the catering team shooing away a Dingo ( a wild Australian dog) that was running around between our tents. If I remember correctly, this is the first morning that I've woken up after the sunrise.

We say goodbye to the ghost town of Maytown and head out on a rocky path when tragedy strikes. The most important vehicle in the convoy, the catering truck , won't move. Our mechanic is quick to respond and finds the problem is its transmission is in neutral. He quickly shows the red-faced driver how to put the vehicle in gear. But we are happy that the "malfunction" isn't serious.

At the next rocky step, I find myself behind Itzik Mini, the 4x4-driving expert's, vehicle. He makes the cross easily and I try hard to follow his lead. It isn't long before I find myself being towed across with the help of a WARN winch. My bruised ego is cured when, once on top, my vehicle acts as an anchor for towing the remaining vehicles that couldn't make the climb either.

We continue driving, each vehicle at its own pace, on a path of trees and gigantic termite nests. It is a unique and personal experience: 4x4 driving, the Beatles playing in the background and my vehicle crew and I enjoying deep discussions on life.

Isuzu Challenge 2003Isuzu Challenge 2003

We reach a river to find the catering team welcoming us with a barbecue lunch. The steaks and hot dogs are a change from the usual squashed sandwiches we've been eating.

We continue driving and are given a quiz on the salt-water crocodiles that we will meet tomorrow as part of our Green Goal ecological donation. And once again, the sunset. This time we see it over the town of Laura - it has a population 3,000, half of whom are Aborigines. The town is enveloped in an amazing red hue as the tiger-print convoy drive through.
After three days in the dust, there is a good chance that we may have showers at tonight's campsite.

Isuzu Challenge 2003Isuzu Challenge 2003

Photographer : Gerry Avramovich


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