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Isuzu Challenge
Isuzu Challenge: Driver Profiles

Isuzu Challenge 2003Razi Sharir:
The phase of battles with sand dunes, I left at home,” said Razi Sharir one of the Isuzu Challenge 2003 participants that is taking place this year in the Australian Outback. “It was clear to me from the beginning that this expedition was not to be one of outrageous extreme sport and that the 4x4 driving and its challenges were not the goal but only part of the experience – otherwise I wouldn’t have come.

40-year-old Razi, married and father of three is the VP of a computer company pecializing in programming. 4x4 driving in 4x4 vehicles and on motorbikes is nothing new to him. “At home we usually go on 4x4 trips in groups of 2-3 vehicles. Here on the Isuzu Challenge, there is a combination of real 4x4 driving, physical challenges, teamwork and personal experiences. This is also nearly the only way to really get to know the Australian Outback, a place considered very difficult to travel independently,” said Razi.

Razi says he is enjoying the trip very much, even more than he expected. “The views are much more intense than what I had imagined. I knew Australia was a big country but until you see it with your own eyes, you don’t understand the significance. It is something that cannot be conveyed through pictures or video.

He is also very happy with the group of people on the expedition. “Naturally, in a group of 50 people, I did not have the opportunity to get close to everyone. However I have made a few especially close friendships and the general climate among the group is really nice.

He misses his wife and children very much and each impressive place he visits he thinks to himself – too bad they aren’t with me. “We are planning to take a break at some point for a few months and travel as a family to Australia. We’ve been talking about it for a year now. But now, after I’ve been here, I am sure it will happen soon,” says Razi.

Isuzu Challenge 2003Sharon Horovitz:
A 30-year-old engineer, wanted a change from her daily work routine. “I am not the type for typical organized tours,” said Sharon, “But the Isuzu challenge is different. Here everyone contributes his or her small piece to the expedition group. We are not just being dragged along by a tour guide who explains what year a certain building was built or the name of a certain bird. We are doing things hands-on. Everyone pitches in.

Regarding the social interaction of the delegation members she has this to say: “There is a wide range of people here - all different ages, from different places and various professional backgrounds and it is fascinating. This varied group has to get along for three weeks in an environment where as it turns out, age does not really matter. I have really connected to Dorit, who is 20 years older than me. We decided she with fill in as ‘mom’ during the expedition and I will fill in as her ‘daughter’ and it is working out just great!


Photographer : Gerry Avramovich


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