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Superlift Suspensions

Superlift Takes The New Dodge Ram To The Next Level With All-New 2, 4 And 6 Lift Systems For New 3/4- And 1-Ton Trucks

Superlift SuspensionsWest Monroe , LA When the Mayor of Truckville needs a raise, Superlift has the answer with its new 2, 4 and 6 suspension lift systems for 2003 and newer Dodge 3/4-ton and 1-ton Ram pickups.

Superlift's 2 lift system consists of replacement Superide coil springs not spacers for the front suspension as well as polyurethane compression travel stops to prevent damaging over-compression. This simple and economical lift system levels the stance of the truck and allows a moderate tire size increase without sacrificing ride quality.

Superlift's 4 and 6 suspension systems deliver all the goods. The kit includes replacement Superide coil springs that maintain factory ride quality, replacement upper and lower trailing arms to maintain factory alignment specifications and handling, a dropped pitman arm to keep steering linkage geometry within original specifications, a track bar bracket, and Superide shock absorbers at all four corners. Rear lift choices consist of either lift blocks or Superlift's unique springpack upgrade for superior performance on or off the road. The 4 system (shown) easily makes enough room for 35 tall tires, and the 6 kit clears 37 tires. Factory offset wheels can be retained.

Superlift also offers a variety of upgrades for the ultimate in looks and performance. The optional Rockrunner upper and lower trailing links incorporate a swivel to free up incredible amounts of suspension travel while allowing a greater degree of caster adjustment. Fully customize the standard or Rockrunner systems with an optional hoop-style multi-shock system that allows the addition of one or two shocks per wheel and a dual steering stabilizer system. Also, a long-arm upgrade for the 6 system will be available shortly.

For more information, contact your nearest Superlift dealer or call 800/551-4955 to speak with one of our sales and tech support staff. You can also visit www.superlift.com for additional information on this system and the rest of our extensive product line.


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