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Cross Lander 4x4
Cross Lander 4x4 Finally Coming to America

Cross Lander 4x4MIAMI - Cross Lander announced today that it has completed and received U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certification for the company's 4x4 Sport Recreational Vehicle (SRV), the Cross Lander 244X. While the company already produces and sells vehicles on the world market, the new vehicle is the first and only vehicle produced in Romania certified to enter the United States.

"With the completion of EPA's testing of the 244X, we are now finalizing production plans to introduce this vehicle to the U.S.market," said John Perez, Cross Lander's founder and chairman. "This is a major milestone for Cross Lander. The addition of the U.S. market will only help to strengthen our overall worldwide operations."

Cross Lander is the only world vehicle manufacturer that is aggressively targeting the 4x4 off-road market. Cross Lander already has an extensive dealership network in place and will be introducing a new line of SRVs that will be sold under the Cross Lander brand name, beginning with the Cross Lander 244X.    

The Cross Lander 244X, which is based on a military line of vehicles that have been produced for more than 50 years in Eastern Europe, is set to make its U.S. debut in about six months. The vehicle is expected to sell starting in the low $20,000.

The Cross Lander 244X is aimed at the 4x4 enthusiasts, a segment that has been virtually overlooked by those manufacturers competing in the luxury sport utility vehicle space. The 244X is a no-nonsense, no-frills vehicle that offers consumers in the off-road market segment a vehicle with both personality and power, at an affordable price, which is something that Bill Goetze, General Manager of Cross Lander, feels will allow it to find its niche in a crowded automotive market.

"Cross Lander's new 4x4 SRV is designed clearly for those drivers who want to take their vehicles off-road and not worry about 'keeping them pretty'," said Goetze. "Off-roaders, hunters, fishermen and campers will find the vehicle fits their needs in the SRV segment, at a price substantially less than those luxury vehicles that claim to be off-road vehicles."

While the Cross Lander brand is new to the U.S., it is based on the Aro S.A. vehicle that possesses a solid track record for quality, performance and endurance, much of which was garnered from use by international military services. Aro S.A. (Auto Romania) is the national Romanian automotive company that has been manufacturing off-road vehicles and light trucks for more than 50 years.

Last year Cross Lander reached an agreement with the Romanian government to purchase the Aro S.A. 4x4 vehicle manufacturing facility as part of the Romanian government's efforts to privatize its auto industry. The agreement was a culmination of a nine-year effort to solidify Cross Lander's commitment to the Romanian government and the employees working at the plant.

Cross Lander officials have built a U.S. dealer network that now consists of more than 140 dealers. Officials have also developed all the systems for parts, service, warranty, training and communications.

Cross Lander already produces vehicles for sale in the global market, specifically in Europe, Africa and South America.

About Cross Lander
Cross Lander is the only world automotive manufacturer in the United States that is aggressively targeting the 4x4, off-road sport recreation vehicle (SRV) market. Cross Lander is headquartered in Miami, Florida, and has offices and a manufacturing plant in Campulung, Romania.

For more information please visit www.CrossLander4x4.com

Product Facts

- The Cross Lander 244X is the first model in a new line of affordable, rugged sport vehicles from Cross Lander USA.

- The Cross Lander 244X is the first truly affordable mid-sized sport recreation vehicle (SRV), with rugged off-road capabilities, fulfilling the needs and expectations of serious off-road enthusiasts.

- The Cross Lander 244X is a new breed of all-terrain vehicle that is not for everyone. A no nonsense, no frills, off-road sport vehicle.

- The Cross Lander 244X is made with a full chassis, putting it in a class that includes only the most powerful off-road vehicles on the market. All others currently available in the United States are made with a unibody design, which is not nearly as strong because they are designed to be lightweight. True off-road consumers demand a full chassis.

- The Cross Lander 244X is based on the Auto Romania (ARO), a vehicle that possesses a solid track record for quality, performance and endurance. ARO (Auto Romania) is the national Romanian automotive company that has been manufacturing rugged, off-road vehicles and light trucks for more than 50 years.

- The Cross Lander 244X complies with all U.S. National Highway Transportation Standards Association standards as well as Department of Transportation and Environmental Protection Agency regulations.

- Engine:
- Type: 4.0 liter V-6
- Aspiration: EFI
- No. of Cylinders: 6
- Bore & Stoke (mm): 3.95 x 3.32
- Compression Ratio: 9.7:1
- Maximum Horsepower: 207
- Max Torque: 238
- R.P.M @ Max Torque: 3000

- Wheel Drive: Permanent 4x2; Part Time 4x4
- Type: 5-speed; Manual and/or Automatic
- No. of Gears: 5 + 1 synchronized
- Ratio of Gears: 3.40; 2.05; 1.31; 1.00; 0.79; Reverse 3.40

- Front Axle: Coil Springs & Shock Absorbers
- Rear Axle: Leaf Springs & Shock Absorbers
- Differential: Symmetrical
- Ratio: 3.73
- Brakes: Hydraulic Dual Circuit, Power Assisted
- Front Axle: Ventilated Disc
- Rear Axle: Drum
- Power Steering: Hydraulic Power Assisted
- Turning Radius: 41 Feet
- Max. Slope (degrees): 40

- Length: 178 in.
- Width: 72.2 in.
- Height: 73 in.
- Wheel Base: 102 in.
- Ground Clearance: 7.8 in.

Fuel Consumption
- City: 17 MPG
- Highway: 22 MPG
- Fuel Capacity: 25 Gallons

Trailer Towing Capacity:
- With Trailer Brakes: 5,049
- Without Trailer Brakes: 1,650

- AM/FM CD Radio
- Tube Side Steps
- Safari Roof Rack
- Rear Tail Light Guards
- Air Conditioning
- Fog Lamp Package
- Brush Guard
- Air Induction Snorkel
- 15-Inch Alloy Rims

- White
- Metallic Green
- Metallic Silver
- Metallic Red

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