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Dodge Hits the Zoo
Denver, CO - Lions, tigers and bears won’t be the only thing zoo goers see at the Denver Zoo in Denver, Colo., July 31- Aug 1. Answering the “call of the wild” will be the Dodge Durango, Dodge Grand Caravan and Dodge Magnum as part of the Dodge Zoo Adventure Tour. 
All zoo visitors will receive 50 percent off admission prices over the weekend and have the opportunity to immerse themselves in Dodge activities and displays, including chances to drive the all-new Durango, Grand Caravan and Magnum. To demonstrate the new seating feature in the Dodge minivans, guests will be able to participate in the Stow ‘n Go™ Challenge.
In addition to vehicle driving opportunities, the Dodge Zoo Adventure Map Game will send parents and children on a treasure hunt through the zoo to find answers to questions about the zoo and the animals. The kids who answer the game questions correctly will receive a prize. The Zoo Adventure Tour will also include lots of other fun activities and prizes for the whole family.
Partnering with zoos is a perfect fit for Dodge because both are committed to bringing families together,” said Fred Diaz, Director, Dodge Marketing, Chrysler Group. “With all the family-friendly features on the new line of Dodge products, the Dodge Zoo Adventure Tour gives us the perfect opportunity to showcase the ultimate family vehicles at an ultimate family destination.
The series of two-day consumer events kicked off at the Lowery Park Zoological Gardens in Tampa, Fla., over Memorial Day weekend. The tour has already traveled to five other cities this summer, including Dallas, Milwaukee, Los Angeles, Cleveland and Baltimore. The final Dodge Zoo Adventure Tour of the summer is scheduled for July 31 through Aug. 1 in Denver.
For more information about the Dodge Zoo Adventure Tour, visit the Dodge Web site at http://www.dodge.com/zoo



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