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CompetitionEL Instruments from Faze Gauge

Faze Guage CLEVELAND, OH - Vehicle enthusiasts can upgrade the look of their interior while keeping a close eye on their critical systems with CompetitionEL(tm) performance instruments from Faze Gauge.
Ultra-modern styling reflects the high performance characteristics of today's most popular modified sport compacts, trucks and SUVs.  CompetitionEL meters feature a white face set against blue electroluminescent backlighting, so reading the gauges is always easy - even at night.  And due to a proprietary pointer hub design, light leakage is virtually eliminated.   
Besides providing a great look, CompetitionEL instruments incorporate vibration-proof air-core meter movement, ensuring the pointer responds rapidly to system changes and sweeps fluidly across the gauge face for an accurate reading at all times.  Encased in HIPS (high-impact) plastic, all Faze tachs and gauges are built for durability and long-lasting operation.            
Due to their slender design, fitting Faze meters in any vehicle is easy, even where dash space is limited.  The CompetitionEL tachometer features a 5" diameter face, stands 5.5" tall and measures only 2.5" deep.  CompetitionEL gauges feature a 2" diameter face (2.06" bezel diameter), 2" housing diameter and measure only 2.7" from the back edge of the bezel to the longest stud.
The CompetitionEL line currently includes:
                -  5" Tachometer (#883301)

        2" Electrical Gauges:
                - Oil Pressure (#883201)
                - Water/Oil Temperature (#883203)
                - Voltmeter (#883204)
                - Air/Fuel Ratio (#883206)
                - Boost (#883224)
                - Vacuum/Boost (#883104) (mechanical)
                - Fuel Pressure (#883225)
                - Exhaust Gas Temperature (#883227)

CompetitionEL meters come standard with necessary sending units, EL power supply and accessories, a wide assortment of metric adapters, as well as a highly detailed instruction manual (professional installation is recommended).  All Faze products are backed by a full one-year warranty, and ASE-certified technicians are available at www.fazegauge.com, or toll free at 800.228.7667, to answer questions pertaining to specific installations.

Faze Gauge performance instruments can be purchased from leading automotive parts stores including Auto Zone, Advance Auto Parts, Pep Boys and Canadian Tire.  Catalog and online retailers include JC Whitney, Summit Racing, Stylin' Concepts and NOPI.
Faze Gauge, a leading engineer and manufacturer of automotive aftermarket performance instruments and accessories, is a division of the Actron Manufacturing Company.  Since 1964, Actron has produced high quality automotive diagnostic test equipment and instrumentation for major tool and equipment distributors, American retail parts distributors and government customers. 





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