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Rancho Remote System
Rancho Introduces New Remote System for RS9000X Shocks

Rancho RS9000RCXMONROE, MI - The exclusive “on-the-fly” damping adjustability of premium Rancho RS9000X performance shock absorbers is back in a fully re-engineered dual-action remote control system that delivers superior performance, faster installation and greater reliability under a full range of demanding conditions.

The all-new Rancho RS9000RCX remote system allows the driver to tune the damping performance of front- and/or rear-mounted RS9000X shocks while the vehicle is in motion. The new system features a variety of design and construction enhancements to ensure exceptional performance and extended service life.

Rancho’s original remote system introduced thousands of satisfied customers to the benefits of on-the-fly suspension adjustability,” said Rancho Engineering Manager Bill Johnson. “The difference between the new RCX system and our original remote kit is like night and day, just as our RS9000X shocks represent a step-change improvement over their predecessors.

Rancho engineers gave the new remote system larger-diameter air lines for virtually instantaneous response to the dash-mounted system controller. Other key engineering features of the new RCX system are advanced push-to-connect bubble-tight fittings, which provide a faster, more robust connection; a powerful new air compressor; and an updated dash control unit. The new system also includes an air- line cutting tool to speed the installation process.

RS9000X shock absorbers feature an advanced tri-tube mono-flow design and nine-position adjustable valving. The shocks’ reserve/intermediate/primary tubes and mono-flow configuration yield 17 times greater fluid area than the original RS9000

shock absorber, ensuring exceptional performance under a full range of load and temperature conditions.

For more information or to order a new RS9000RCX dual action remote control system, contact your Rancho supplier, log on to www.gorancho.com , call 1-734-384-7804 , or write to: Rancho Suspension, One International Drive, Monroe, MI 48161.





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