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Rhino RTVSAN DIEGO, CA - Rhino Rough Terrain Vehicle (RTV) sponsor Rhino Linings USA, Inc. announces that the highly anticipated extreme off-road vehicle is now available from Rhino Off-Road Industries.  The RTV, a hybrid ATV/Monster Truck off-road performance machine that turned heads at events like Moab, Utahs Easter Jeep Safari and Las Vegas, Nevadas National Drag Races, is now in production and available for sale.

Featuring a custom-designed air shock system adjustable for a variety of off-road terrains from rock crawling to desert running, the Rhino RTV is a single passenger recreational off-road vehicle that comes standard with features such as a Honda B20B 4-cyclinder DOHC 2L engine, 37 ProComp X-Terrain tires, 4-speed automatic transmission and an off-road adjustable racing suspension seat. Designed to be one of the safest off-road vehicles ever, the RTV comes with a fully race-compliant roll cage with 1.5 street tubing,  5 point racing harness and 4-wheel independent front and rear disc brakes. Additional specifications are hydraulic steering, Ford 9 differentials with a choice of 4.11 or 3.50 gears and an 8-gallon fuel tank.  Optional features include a fiberglass body to fit over the roll cage (transforming the RTV into a mini-monster truck), a racing fuel cell, 4-wheel steering and a chrome frame. Weighing 2,000 lbs., the Rhino RTV measures 10 long by 6 wide and offers 18 ground clearance with 16 shock travel.

As a sponsor, Rhino Linings provides support for the RTV at its competitive events. Uniquely suited to off-road vehicle protection, Rhino Linings offers its sprayed-on polyurethane linings for Rhino Off-Roads tow trailers and as an option to the RTVs interior. Rhino Linings durable non-skid polyurethane protection is the ideal defense against the elements and rough terrain, and makes the vehicles surfaces easy to clean and maintain. 

All RTVs are built to order and available in a number of configurations. Customers can choose their color and off-road environment (dunes, rockcrawling, etc.) to which the suspension will be adjusted. Depending on features, the Rhino RTV costs between $25,000 and $27,000.
For order information, contact Debbie Anderson at 858-450-0441, ext. 6017.

Rhino Linings USA, Inc. pioneered sprayed-on polyurethane linings in the U.S. to protect truck beds, Jeeps, trailers and other surfaces from abrasion, impact, chemicals and corrosion. There are more than 1,200 Rhino Linings dealers and industrial accounts in more than 50 countries around the world. For company and product details, visit www.rhinolinings.com.

Rhino Off-Road Industries, based in Henderson, Nevada, manufactures the Rhino RTV innovative off-road vehicle. Rhino Off-Road
regularly tests its vehicles in rugged terrain including sites in Nevada, Utah and Baja California. Visit the companys website at www.rhinooff-road.com or call 877-446-6788 for more information.





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