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Rough Country
Rough Country Introduces Left/Right TJ Rear Springs

Rough Country TJ Coils Dyersburg, TN - Rough Country introduces a solution
to a common problem with all lifted TJ Jeeps. The problem
is rear spring fatigue created by torque during acceleration. As a Jeep accelerates, it torques to the passenger rear side. Over a short period of time this causes the passenger rear coil to fatigue prematurely and loose lift height. As you increase lift height this problem becomes more severe; the higher the vehicle the greater torque angle.

Rough Country addresses this problem by offering a unique coil for the driver and passenger sides of the Jeep. This solution increases the life of the coils while maintaining superior ride quality. This revolutionary approach to rear coil design is offered in both the 4” and 6” TJ X-SERIES lifts available exclusively to you by Rough Country Suspension “The Original Off Road People ™ .”

For more information on Rough Country Suspension Products, visit www.roughcountry.com or call us at 1-800-222-7023.


Rough Country is a division of Heckethorn Products Inc.



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