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RedArt Introduces Super Strap

Super StrapAnaheim , CA - RedArt Inc., manufacture of Beard Super Seats and Trust Me Tie-Downs, introduces the SUPER STRAP recovery strap. Ever wrapped a recovery strap through one vehicle to find out that you don't have a clevis or other hardware to attach the loop on the other end? This problem's been solved.

The SUPER STRAP, available in 20' , 25' and 50' lengths, is made with the highest quality nylon webbing. It takes recovery straps to a new level, allowing the user to attach it to any vehicle with out tying knots or using hardware. The unique nylon construction allows you to weave loops at any point in the strap creating adjustability to a minimum strap length of 18 inches. The pulling action during recovery creates a non-slip grip ensuring a strong tie point; but when the pulling stops, the strap allows for easy removal.

The SUPER STRAP has many different uses. It can lift 2 times the average vehicle weight, while the compact design makes it easy to store. The “No Stitching” construction makes it a safer and more reliable recovery strap. The SUPER STRAP is truly the smartest recovery strap you will ever own.

Super StrapFor heavy duty applications the strap can be easily doubled-back for twice the pulling capacity (20,000 lb. capacity)
•  10,000 lb. capacity webbing
•  8,500 lb. woven strength
•  Length 20', 25' and 50'

RedArt Inc. has been manufacturing high quality and dependable products for over 30 years. For more information about the SUPER STRAP or other RedArt Inc. products, like Beard Super Seats or Trust Me Tie-Downs, visit www.SuperStrap.com or www.RedArt.com . To speak to a sales representative, contact 714.774.9444.


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