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BesTop Special Edition Prism Top

BesTop Sunlighter BikiniBROOMFIELD, CO - Part of a year-long celebration of the company’s 50 th Anniversary, Bestop announced today the release of their latest 50 th Anniversary Commemorative product—and it’s a wild one. For a limited time, Bestop will offer the Replace-A-Top™ in an attention-grabbing Prism fabric.

Prism fabric shifts color with changing light and angles of view. Like the expensive custom paint that is popular on concept and show cars, the Bestop Prism fabric has an iridescent, psychedelic effect. It never looks the same twice. Depending on lighting and viewing angle, Prism fabric shifts from purple, to blue, to shades of greens, to almost black. In some lighting situations, it seems to glow. This is not a top for those looking to keep a low profile. With the 50 th Anniversary Bestop Replace-A-Top, everyone will notice your Jeep.

Bestop’s Commemorative Prism Replace-A-Top will be offered on a first come-first serve basis and available for a limited time only. Two models will be available fitting ’88 to ’95 YJ Wranglers and ’97 to ’02 TJ Wranglers.

Since it’s from Bestop, you know the Commemorative Prism fabric Replace-A-Top is a quality product. Prism fabric is manufactured by Haartz® and is engineered to Bestop’s highest standards. The Prism Replace-A-Top includes tinted rear and side curtain windows with untinted half-door skins. Like all Bestop Replace-A-Tops, the commemorative Prism model is easy to install, and features weather stripped upper doors and the patented Belt-Rail™ attachment system so opening the tailgate is a snap.

Engineering. Quality. Innovation. For 50 years these three principles have been at the heart of everything we do at Bestop. Each product is the result of thoughtful design, world-class materials, and precision manufacturing. Bestop is the recognized leader in Jeep ® accessories as we continue to turn ideas into practical, innovative products.



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