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Big Daddy Offroad
Big Daddy Introduces Aluminum Slider Bars

Big Daddy Offroad Aluminum Slider BarsHigh Point, NC - These side bars are laser cut from 3/16” Marine grade aluminum. This is the same material that is being utilized on the hulls of ocean patrol boats. This Aluminum can easily withstand the abuse that the sport of rockcrawling has to offer.

When you mate the inherent strength built into our bodyguard design with the strength of this aluminum, you end up with a superior product at a fraction of the weight as compared to using steel protection.

We have beat these bars on rock after rock to test our product and they have held up each and every time to any abuse that we have put them through.

Each side is a one-piece design, formed from a single sheet of aluminum then capped on each end with a tig welded cap.

Our hardware is all stainless steel and grade 8.

One of the great features of the bars besides the quality of construction is the continuous step along the top to aid in entry and exit of the vehicle.

This step also doubles as side protection to hold your jeep body off the rocks or anything else that may otherwise damage your body when the going gets tough.

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