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New Flip-Up Windshields from Tyson Design Works

Cedaredge , CO - At the recent Easter Jeep Safari vendor show in Moab,Utah Tyson Design Works was pleased to exhibit its new Trail View line of Motorized Flip-up Windshields for Jeep vehicles. Enjoy the feel of the open road or take comfort from the elements quickly, easily and safely. This new windshield design allows you to take control of your environment by easily positioning your windshield anywhere from fully open to completely closed with a touch of a button. The Trail View windshield uses dual electric actuators and a simple mounting system to make installation a breeze for your TJ, YJ and CJ Jeep models.

¼” laminated safety glass is made to the high standards of ANSI Z26.1-1996 and AS1 Dot No.-608, which exceeds the OEM specifications.

Tyson Design Works Flip-Up Windshield

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