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4-Wheel Planet on Speed

ONTARIO, CA – A new type of motorsports show is coming to the airways this fall courtesy of the Speed Channel. “4-Wheel Planet” debuts November 7 th at 9:00pm EST and 6:00pm PST then re-airs November 27 th at 10:00pm EST, November 30 th at 6:00pm EST, and December 4 th at 4:00am EST .The program is expected to have additional re-airs as well.

Developed by Producers Todd Huffman, Don Hoffman and off-road entrepreneur Ron Stobaugh, “4-Wheel Planet” is a program that captures the lifestyle, action, beauty, and technology that is “wheeling”. Produced in stunning high-definition, the first episode features the grand-daddy of all off-road events, the Jeeper’s Jamboree. In all it’s 52 years, no TV project has captured the Jeeper’s Jamboree’s history, personalities, scenery, operations and fun like “4-Wheel Planet”. And just to add to the adventure, “4-Wheel Planet” crews followed the creation of the “Alloy USA Jeep Unlimited Conversion” from showroom floor, to Bakersfield’s Full-Traction’s shop, to the first dent on the infamous “Rubicon Trail” in a matter of days. Also included in this first episode is a segment on Cal-Rocs 2004 event at Donner Summit this past August.

The first episode of “4-Wheel Planet” is presented by Quadratec with Dynatrac and Alloy USA as co-sponsors. These sponsors will be featured with commercials, billboards, in-program content and additional exposure in the home video/dvd expected shortly after the airing of the program on Speed. “Because this show is about the off-road lifestyle and the first episode features the Jeeper’s Jamboree, it is a natural for Quadratec to reach our Jeep customers with TV.” Said Dave Flogaus, Manager of Print Media for Quadratec. Ron Stobaugh, President of Alloy USA added, “There is no better way to reach our customers than with a compelling TV program that brings what they love to do to life and “4-Wheel Planet” fits the bill”.

“4-Wheel Planet” is produced by Pipeline Digital Media, LLC (PDM) who is planning future episodes for 2005. PDM has many sports and lifestyle TV series to its credit, including work for FOX Sports Net, Fuel Network, and Outdoor Life Network.

Nov 30 - 6:00PM
Dec. 4 - 4:00AM


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