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Rough Country
2005 F-250 Smart Coils from Rough Country

Black Diamond XCLDyersburg, TN - The New 2005 Ford F-250 Super Duty is a show stopper with its dramatic improvements in the suspension, power, and appearance, but still possesses a front-end rake - meaning the front of the truck sits lower than the rear.

To correct this problem and allow the truck to accommodate up to a 35” tire or its metric equivalent - Rough Country has released a new 3” front progressive rate leveling coil package – “The Smart Coil”.

This is not your typical front-end leveling system, it contains progressive front coil springs which will adjust depending on what situation the vehicle is in. Progressive rate springs are the ultimate in spring design and are widely used in racing. The principle is simple. The spring rate increases when you need it (cornering, load carrying etc.) and decreases when you don't. The science is determining desired suspension travel and spring rate during travel and Rough Country has done their job on these coils. 

 “The Smart Coils” achieve minimal loss of ride comfort as the spring rate increases.  As the spring rate decreases the shock absorber no longer struggles for rebound control and gives improved vehicle stability.  The critical part of the suspension travel is from ride height to full suspension drop. The aim is to allow the spring rate to decrease smoothly back to original spring rate or as close as possible.

This new suspension package includes 3” - “Smart Coils”, a 2” block and u-bolt for the rear, track bar drop hardware, and an option of Rough Country RCX nickel plated monotube shock absorbers featuring application tuned valving and high-pressure nitrogen gas with floating piston technology or Rough Country’s premium nitrogen charged gas shocks with their ten-stage self adjusting valving and radial tuned valve porting for smooth highway ride quality. This package also eliminates the upper stud mount on the shocks with their tendency to wear out bushings and replaces them with new mounts for improved durability.

The Rough Country 3” Package - “Smart Coil” package allowed us to run a Mickey Thompson 35x12.50R17LT Radial Baja Claw on Mickey Thompson 17x9 Classic II wheels.

Rough Country Suspension was one of the founders of the off road industry. Owned by Heckethorn Products, the developer of first steering stabilizer, Rough Country strives to create quality off road products that push the standards further than all expectations.For more information on Rough Country Suspension Products, visit www.roughcountry.com or call 800-222-7023.




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