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TeraFlex T-Locker Now Available for Dana 44

Teraflex T-LockerMurray Utah.  TeraFlex, manufacturer of Suspensions, low range gearing and HD axles, introduces the newest T-Locker air actuated locking differential for the Dana 44 33-spline axle market.

The TeraFlex T-Locker is the ultimate HD selectable locking differential available on the market. Its selectable locking mechanism allows you to operate and control the differential from a simple console-mounted switch.

The T-Locker has undergone extensive testing and has proven itself to perform in the most extreme conditions. The carrier is constructed of CNC machined high-quality ASTM grade 100-70-03 steel.   Because the locker has no air seals on rotating parts, air leaks are virtually eliminated. The locker is engaged with a flip of a switch, which actuates a shift fork located on the housing cover. The fork slides hardened steel pins into the gears of the carrier, locking the axle together and providing 100% power to both wheels, and is completely unlocked when the differential is open.  


The locker comes complete with differential, actuator, fork, switch, high-pressure air line, and a new 3/8” thick heavy duty cast cover that cradles the air cylinder. A removable 1/4” thick actuator RockGuard is also included.  The locker can be actuated with as little as 80 psi. or up to 125 psi. making it perfect for use with the TeraFlex dedicated T-Locker compressor (coming soon) or in conjunction with a multi-use compressor and  tank. 


The T-Locker comes with a three-year warranty.


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