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Tugger, The Jeep® 4x4 Who Wanted to Fly

Tugger is a little Jeep with a very special dream. During WWII Tugger got injured and his engine fan was replaced by a real airplane propeller. From that day on Tugger knew that, just like a real airplane, he would one day fly. Now that the war is over Tugger has a job tugging airplanes at an Airport where he is constantly in trouble with the Tower Chief, an ex-marine who drinks too much coffee, and Chief's crazy dog Max, who chases after Tugger's tires. Tugger also shares the Airport with his zany friends including Ma and Pa, two grandparent-type vintage gas pumps that have never agreed on anything, and Bob, an ex-WWII Bomber, who is Tugger's hero. But above everyone else Tugger's best buddy in the whole world is Shorty, the short-wave radio. Whenever Tugger gets into trouble, Shorty, like any true friend is always right there by his side. In this first adventure Tugger discovers dreams come true, just not the way he planned.

Who Is Tugger?
Tugger is the star of an animated film property "Tugger, the Jeep 4x4 who wanted to fly."

The story follows the adventures of a little Jeep 4x4 named Tugger. Since he was injured during World War II, and his engine fan replaced with an airplane propeller, Tugger has dreamed of one day flying like a real airplane. This added to the Jeep Brand's go- anywhere, do-anything spirit, and makes Tugger a very inspiring character to be around. So when he invites us to follow him into his world full of fun and wacky friends who share the airport where he lives, it is a journey we should not miss.

We are extremely proud of our friend Tugger and he is excited to make new friends and welcome you to the Jeep family.

TuggerTugger and His Friend's Character Descriptions

TUGGER - Once a World War II workhorse, this now civilian tug truck is a highly motivated Jeep 4x4 with a very special dream. Having had his engine fan replaced with an airplane propeller gives Tugger the unusual desire to fly. He's easy-going, even-tempered and a man of little words. When help is needed, the eager Jeep 4x4 springs to action, rushing into danger without fear or a plan. His acting before thinking and head-in the-clouds lifestyle takes him and Shorty on adventures and lands them in all sorts of trouble. But he follows his heart, which is always in the right place.

SHORTY - Shorty is an easily excited, overly cautious, short-wave radio companion to Tugger. Shorty communicates through his radio as well as through broadcast and pick-ups of any transmission from aircraft or tower. Unlike his best buddy Tugger, Shorty is not heroic, rather far from it. He likes things calm, routine and secure, never rocking the boat. He always thinks and talks things through to the point of taking no action at all. Shorty quickly curses Tugger in any number of radio personalities for dragging him into trouble, but at the same time wouldn't miss it for the world.

CHIEF PURL - No-nonsense, gruff, over-the-hill and out-of-shape coffee-drinking retired drill instructor. Now employed at an airport as the tower chief. Things on his watch must not only be clean and organized, but done exclusively his way. Chief is very insecure about his name "Murl Purl" so he overcompensates with his brass dominance and control. Only his superiors call him chief Purl, while all others address him as "Chief". Chief is most definitely hard on the outside and soft on the inside. To know this, you need only look at his dog.

BOB THE BOMBER - Formally a World War II Bomber, Bob has now been converted to a plane suited to extinguishing wild-fires. Bob is the role model and mentor for Tugger. Much like an uncle always away on adventures, but when in town, you gather around to hear all of the stories. Much like a racecar driver that encourages small children to work hard so that one day, they can also race cars.

MAX THE MUTT- The very odd, simple-minded would-be guard dog. This small gnarled ball of fur belongs and is loyal only to the chief. He lives in a blood-red dog shack and his only real ambition in life is to bark, and chase and chew tires. His world comes crashing to a halt at the first scent of burning rubber. This he can smell from unbelievable distances and will send him into a tizzy. Much like cats in catnip. But this unusual trait makes Max valuable to Chief in alerting danger when injured aircraft are coming in.

TuggerMA AND PA PUMP- A pair of old vintage gasoline pumps. They are generally treated and respected as grandparents by all of the mechanical characters. The two like most married couples who have been together longer than they have been apart, bicker, fuss and disagree about everything. But they wouldn't really be happy unless they did. So they do genuinely care for one another. It is said that opposites attract, and Ma and Pa are no different. Pa's the optimist who's tried and failed every crazy idea he's had, so he naturally encourages, and gets a kick out of, Tugger's dream to fly. Ma's the pessimist. Her definition of a good idea being to keep our pump planted firmly on the ground where it belongs.

FRANK- Frank is a hard-working, respectable refueling truck: the ideal employee. Except for his occasional problems with gas, Ma wishes Tugger would be more like Frank.

LUCY- She is an extremely superstitious, highly sensitive paranoid ladder truck. If she saw a crack in the road she would go six miles out of her way to avoid it.

B.D.- B.D. is a monotone, dirt-pushing bulldozer who loves his job because he can get dirty and play in Dirt, Dirt, Dirt.

THE TUG COMMANDER - The Tug Commander is the stern drill sergeant of the Tug fleet. Proud of his work and fiercely dedicated, he will do anything to ensure the future of the airport is the "glowing red" of the Tug Fleet.


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