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TeraFlex ExtremeSS Short Shaft Kit

Teraflex ExtremeSSMurray, UT - TeraFlex, manufacturer of Suspensions, low range gearing and HD axles, introduces the newest transfer case component- The Extreme 231 Short Shaft Kit.

The newest innovation from TeraFlex is our Extreme Short Shaft kit. It is the shortest transfer case SYE available (shorter than all other SYE kits and the ATLAS II transfer case). The ExtremeSS kit utilizes several innovative features that have never before been incorporated into a SYE kit to achieve maximum driveshaft length. The ExtremeSS is over 3” shorter than a standard SYE kit, and shorter than an ATLAS II. The ExtremeSS kit increases stock driveshaft length by over 7”, a valuable gain for short wheelbase vehicles.

The ExtremeSS kit comes with all necessary components and hardware to modify the stock 231 case. Speedometer readings are transferred through a tone ring and electronic sensor that can be custom calibrated by an aftermarket calibration converter box to match custom ring & pinion/tire size modifications. Fits newer NV231 equipped vehicles with an electronic speedometer (earlier cable operated speedometer vehicles will need to be converted to an electronic version).

All TeraLow ExtremeSS kits come with their exclusive two-year warranty.

For more information contact TeraFlex at 801-256-9897 or visit them on the web, www.teraflex.biz.






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