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2007 Jeep Wrangler (TK) Spy Shots!

See Four Door Spy Shots Here!

Jeep fans in the know are already aware that the Wrangler (TJ) will go away in 2006 and an all-new version, internally-dubbed "TK" will debut for the 2007 model year. Our eagle-eye spy shooters, braved feisty corporate car handlers and got these shots before being forced onto a highway off-ramp and losing the convoy!


The TK's shown here are traditional 2-doors, but a 4-door variant is also in the works. A possibly-fixed roof may appear, much like the Rescue concept from 2004, but it is hard to say. The rear corners would certainly suggest this, but a fold-down windshield might contradict the idea. It certainly does have a tailgate, though. Exposed door hinges hint that removable doors are going to stay.


We can expect the 2.4L 4 cylinder and 3.7L V6 to carry over from the current Jeep line as the 4.0L is finally given its walking papers.

20007 Jeep TK Wrangler Spy Shots

20007 Jeep TK Wrangler Spy Shots


Things of note that we noticed from these photos are the 2" receiver integrated into a metal bumper. A 2 inch receiver probably means a higher towing capacity than the current models. Perhaps a HEMI onboard? The exhaust pipe looks too small for a HEMI so these are probably V6 models. But who knows. Everyone knows DaimlerChrysler is hopped up on HEMI so it makes sense.


Also note in this photo the skinny arm on the driver-side rear.

2007 Jeep Wrangler TK Spy Shots


In the third photo, it seems like there is more clearance under that flatter belly pan.


20007 Jeep TK Wrangler Spy Shots


Lastly, what little we can see of the dash does show a more modern design with round air vents.


Photos courtesy of Brenda Priddy & Company

Editors Note: We say "Photos courtesy of Brenda Priddy & Company" because they own these photos. We just spent a lot of hard-earned cash on them. Because of this, we ask that you not republish these photos (or any other photos on this site, for that matter). Linking is your friend - and ours.    :-)





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