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Toyo Tire Develops Competition Open Country M/T
Toyo Open Country M/T

CYPRESS, CA– The Open Country M/T™ tire from Toyo Tires® has proven highly popular on consumer pickups and dual-purpose vehicles.  In addition, the tire has enjoyed considerable success in both off-road racing and rock crawling.  The off-the-shelf Open Country M/T™ has won championships and scored podiums during its first year of racing, proving its abilities in the most extreme racing environments while working well for every day use on the street.

In order to rise to the increasing level of competition in the sport of off-road racing, and to meet the technological advancements of professional race vehicles, Toyo Tires® engineers have worked closely with pro teams to develop new non-D.O.T. versions of the Open Country M/T™.  During its second year of competition, new racing compounds have been introduced to give pro teams the edge that they require to continue winning races.  These special compounds are not used exclusively however, as track conditions may favor the use of the traditional D.O.T.-legal Open Country M/T™ tires.

According to Stan Chen, Manager of Events and Motorsports, Toyo Tire (U.S.A.) Corporation, “Track conditions, especially in closed course off-road racing, can vary from muddy and slick, to polished dry, more like asphalt.  Trucks that can exceed 800-horsepower need optimized compounds to perform at their best.  This form of ongoing tire development also benefits consumers, as continuous feedback in punishing environments leads to data which helps to further advance product technology.

To learn more about the race-proven Open Country M/T™ that delivers exceptional performance for your pickup or dual-purpose vehicle, log on to toyo.com.  During 2006, Toyo Tire (U.S.A.) Corporation celebrates its 40th Anniversary.  Toyo manufactures and distributes a complete line of high performance and original equipment replacement tires for passenger car, light truck, commercial truck, bus, off-road and construction applications.




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