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Staun Products
Staun Announces Updated Internal Beadlock

Staun BeadlockStaun Products is proud to release their new and improved easy fit Staun Internal Beadlock System. The company that brought you the innovative Staun Tyre Deflator and Staun Internal Pneumatic Beadlock System has released a new, easy-fit Beadlock model that will be available in Australia and world-wide.

4WD professionals and amateurs alike agree that the original Staun Internal Beadlock System revolutionised the off road experience by enabling them to tackle tougher terrain and maximises their tyres’ full potential.

However, the Staun team still felt that some improvements could be made, so over the past year they have made several strategic changes to their original Internal Beadlock System, and have now made it stronger overall and easier to fit and remove.

The additions of acrylic coated polymer weave side walls and a laminated cap have improved the overall strength of the internal tyre, thus reducing the risk of punctures even further. The Beadlocks are also now laser cut, creating a better wheel fit and allowing users to install them more easily.
Purchasers of the new model will also find a free installation guide DVD included in their packs, as well as a 5 year material and workmanship warranty. The DVD features a fully informative five minute demonstration on how easy the product is to fit. The brochure and installation manual have also been revised to better suit the needs of today’s off road consumer.

The new easy fit Internal Beadlocks will be launched in November 2006 and will be available world wide in all 4WD stores that stock Staun Products. Like all of Staun’s products, the Beadlocks will be competitively priced and can be purchased at all good 4WDrive stores and participating retailers across Australia, the US, South Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

Staun has timed the launch well as their new product will be on the market just as Rock Crawlers prepare for the 2007 racing season.

The new easy fit Staun Internal Pneumatic Beadlock System have been tested under extreme conditions and has proven to be the ultimate 4WD accessory for anyone who dabbles in 4WDriving – professionals and amateurs alike.





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