Get Bent
GetBent 4x4 DVD Series

Dallas, TX - A brand-new four wheelin' DVD series titled 'GetBent!' featuring a level of realism rarely seen in 4x4 videos has been announced by American Bootstrap Productions, Inc. Designed to entertain wheelin' enthusiasts of all kinds, 'GetBent!' features a broad spectrum of recreational 4x4 vehicles in popular settings with the authentic sounds of real wheelin' adventures.

The 'GetBent!' series is filmed in true anamorphic widescreen enhanced for today's 16:9 televisions, highlighting the panoramic view of the great outdoors, coupled with Dolby Digital Pro encoded audio showcasing the authentic crunching and scraping sounds of real wheelin' instead of the all too common heavy-music-laden soundtrack. Duane Smith (Producer/Director) stated, "As wheelin' enthusiasts ourselves, we wanted to create a video series showing what it's really like out on the trails, and to do it in a positive, professional manner."

The family-friendly series begins with 'GetBent! - Episode One' focusing on the popular "Katemcy Rocks" off-road park in central Texas, which is known for the intense traction of its granite slickrock terrain. Future episodes will feature other popular four wheeling destinations all across the United States. Individual episodes are available for $19.95 each, or at a special price of $39.95 for a three episode subscription. Visit www.getbent4x4.com for more information.



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