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HUMMER Helps Friends of the Rubicon

Showing a true spirit of cooperation, HUMMER (General Motors) is helping to keep the Rubicon Trail alive and well. At their initiative, the great folks at HUMMER have made not only a cash donation to the Rubicon Trail Foundation, but also sent along a box of supplies to make any work crew happy! 

A while back, Dayna Hart, Communications Manager, General Motors Corporation, HUMMER called and asked how HUMMER could help the Rubicon. It wasn't long after that I received a large box of goodies to help FOTR folks get the job done. Included in the supplies were dozens of pairs of quality work gloves, a first aid kit, dozens of hooded ponchos (not that it ever rains when you have an open rig on the trail), and even some skeeter spray. These are supplies that FOTR can always put to good use, and that we never have enough. 

Additionally, HUMMER worked with one of their suppliers who also threw in a box of handy flashlights to give out to FOTR workers to make their job easier and safer. This is the kind of support that really makes saving the Rubicon a lot easier. 

And to top this off, several HUMMER folks (and even some of their Engineering staff) volunteered to help out with a FOTR work weekend. Now that is what we call a manufacturer who really knows how to step up to the plate and help keep a trail alive and well. 

Friends of the Rubicon send a special thanks to HUMMER for this awesome donation and help. HUMMER can stand proud to be the first manufacturer to donate to FOTR and to the cause of keeping the Rubicon Trail the icon of four-wheeling adventures. 

Thank you. 

Del, and the entire FOTR crew. 

Visit FOTR at: www.delalbright.com/Rubicon/rubicon.htm 

Courtesty of Del Albright, BlueRibbon Ambassador & Trail Boss Friends of the Rubicon (FOTR) 



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