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Rockport Off-Road Park
Hannibal Rocks To Open in Missouri

Rockport Off-Road Park's new "Hannibal Rocks" park is located 5 miles south of Hannibal, Missouri on Hwy 61. Hannibal Rocks will be a trail riding, rockcrawling and event site for Jeeps/Trucks and SUV's. The park consists of a large quarry that was abandoned in the 70's. Oceans of large boulders can be found throughout the quarry area. Approximately 10-15 wooded trails will be available with obstacles for all levels of vehicle modifications, including stock-type vehicles.

The park borders Injun Joe's Campgrounds which has many amenities including batting cages, go karts, a swimming pool and a basketball court. Once park development is complete, Hannibal Rocks will be open for public use 2 weekends every month. Some of our RROCK and Top Shop competitions will be held at the park, as well. The first major event will be the WEROCK Eastern National Finals Extreme Rockcrawl event August 12th-13th, followed by the 3rd of 4 RROCK Extreme Rockcrawl Series August 19th-20th.

Visit www.rorp.com for upcoming news and developments.



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