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Edge Products
Edge Juice Model for 2006 Cummins

Edge Juice ModuleOGDEN, UT Edge Products takes diesel performance to the next level with its new Juice module for the 2006 Cummins. When coupled with the optional Attitude or A2 monitor/controller, the Juice offers five standard power modes plus an available HOT Level 6, which increases performance by 160 HP/350 Ft-Lb! By itself, the Juice underhood module has three levels, ranging from 25 to 60 extra HP. The Attitude or A2 controller adds 80 HP/200 Ft-Lb (Level 4) and 100 HP/250 Ft-Lb (Level 5). For customers who want to race or enjoy short blasts of extreme Level 6 power, Edge offers a HOT Unlock Code option.

The Edge 2006 Cummins Juice With Attitude/A2 system also provides drivetrain monitoring, built-in safeguards and diagnostic features. The system’s in-cab display – monochrome for Attitude and color for A2 – shows powertrain information formerly available only with a complete set of aftermarket gauges. Functions include Transmission Temp, Engine Temp, EGT, Boost, RPM, MPH, Intake Air Temp, Throttle %, Load %, Backdown %, Transmission Slip %, Barometric Pressure, Gear, and Torque Converter Status. Juice power level, which can be switched on-the-fly, is also displayed.

User-adjustable safety features add reliability. The Turbo Timer allows the engine to run for a specified time after shut-down or until the desired EGT level is achieved. Cold-start protection delays power-adding Juice fueling and timing until the cylinders are warm. Low-boost fueling can be adjusted to control tailpipe soot, and the system can be set to defuel – and sound an audible alert -- for high EGTs, high boost and transmission slippage.

Diagnostic and testing features are also included in the Juice With Attitude. The Edge system allows customers to read and clear Check Engine trouble codes. Performance values for 0-60 MPH and ¼-mile acceleration can be captured and stored. The Attitude or A2 also shows true road speed when recalibrating for non-stock tire sizes and axle gears. GPS navigation and an optional back-up camera are available with the A2 monitor/controller. MSRP for the 2006 Cummins Juice module is $749 or $999 for the Juice With Attitude system.

Edge Products also manufactures power systems and related components for popular late-model domestic trucks and cars, SUVs, Jeeps, vans and motorhomes. For more information, please contact Edge Products Inc., 1080 S. Depot Dr., Ogden, UT 84404, 888/360-4434, 801/476-3343, fax 801/476-3348, www.edgeproducts.com.







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