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Adventure Trucks

Adventure Trailers TacoChaser for Toyota Tacoma

Adventure TrailersUpland, CA - Adventure Trucks' module bolts in place using the factory bed mounts and wiring, with no welding required. The complete system can be self contained with water, fuel, power, and refrigeration.

Constructed from powder coated, 14 gauge zinc wiped steel, using automotive bulb seals the module stays dry and dust free. Standard features are; LED lighting, tailgate, stainless steel hardware, rubber bed matt, internal tie downs.

A lid mounted track system allows for the easy installation of cargo racks, roof tents, spare tire, awning, auxiliary lighting, mountain bikes, and kayaks, etc.

The estimated base price for the module is $4000.00 and is available for the 1996-2004 Tacoma standard and extended cab, (quad cab options are in the works), all years of Frontiers, AEV Brute, other models are pending.

Volume 46 cu. Ft. Length 72”, Height 26”, Width 40” base / 50” top, Weight 350 lbs

For more information visit our web site www.adventuretrailers.com, or e mail us at info@adventuretrailers.com






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