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Nitrod Introduces New Performance Monitor

NitrodOttawa, Ontario - Nitrod Performance Meters – Nitrod is proud to announce that the VPM-100G is now available to all car enthusiasts across Canada and the United States. Previously sold only through performance shops in selected cities, the VPM-100G can now be purchased online.

With its wide range of functions, the VPM-100G is like no other product on the market today. By combining the power of its high precision accelerometer and its ability to communicate with the vehicle’s ECU, the VPM-100G is the ultimate performance monitoring and measuring device.

The Nitrod VPM-100G is an affordable, self-contained multi-purpose digital gauge that installs in seconds without any tools. In less than a minute you will be able to measure your car’s performance, display vital sensor data in real-time and monitor your current fuel consumption.

Product features at a glance:

Fuel Consumption Gauge
Measures Elapsed Time for: 1/4 mile, 1/8 mile, 60 ft, 0-60 mph….
Measures Maximum Horsepower
Measures Cornering, Braking & Accelerating g-force
Boost Pressure Gauge
Displays and Logs Real-Time Vehicle Sensor Data
Reads Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) a.k.a Fault code
Turn-Off Check Engine Light () & Delete DTCs
Visual & Audible Alarms (shift light, maximum pressure and more)
Plugs in diagnostic link connector (OBD-II)

Other key features are:
Plug & Play – Installs in seconds without any tools
Effortless swap between vehicles
Numerous Mounting Options for best viewing
US and Metric units
Works on cars and trucks 1996 and up
Common sensors that can be read by the VPM-100G are: Air Intake Manifold Pressure, Mass Air Flow, Engine Coolant Temperature, Air Intake Temperature, Narrow Band O2 Sensors, Wide Band O2 Sensors (A/F - Lambda), Battery/Alternator Voltage, Tachometer & Vehicle Speed, Spark Advance, Long- and Short-Term Fuel Trims, Throttle Position, Engine Load Value, Fuel system status.

For more info please visit: www.nitrod.com





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