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MSD DashHawk Information Display

MSD DashHawkEl Paso, TX - Keep a sharp eye on your vehicle’s performance and vitals with MSD’s new information display, the DashHawk! Simply connect the DashHawk to the diagnostic port and you have access to over 100 parameters on 11 separate screens. Values such as speed, engine rpm, oil pressure, coolant, oil and transmission temps, throttle position, engine load and a host of other parameters can all be viewed via the DashHawk.

As if all of that information isn’t enough, the DashHawk will also record 0-60 and quarter mile times! All of this information can be recorded (up to 90 seconds) and then downloaded to a PC. Once downloaded, you can graph the information using the software supplied.

  • Visible and audible alerts when a parameter such as speed or coolant temp reaches set val­ue.
  • Incredibly precise shift light function .
  • Diagnostic mode displays trouble codes along with a descrip­tion and allows codes to be easily cleared if desired.
  • Can be updated with the latest vehicles and updated features via the internet .

For more information on MSD’s line of ignition components contact: MSD Ignition, 1490 Henry Brennan Drive, El Paso, Texas 79936, or call (915) 857-5200. Visit MSD at www.msdignition.com





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