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Trail-Gear Trail-Keeper Adapter for Toyotas

Trail-Gear Trail-CreeperLos Angeles, CA -Trail-Gear Inc. now offers dual transfer case adapters for Toyota Pickups and 4Runners. The Trail-Creeper™ adapter fits all gear-driven Toyota transfer case applications from 1979-1995. With this adapter you can bolt together two, or even three transfer case reduction units for incredibly low crawling speeds.  A typical crawl ratio for a stock Toyota pickup is 36 to 1. Using a combination of dual adapters and transfer case gear kits you can easily create a transfer case that will give you an overall crawl ratio of  1,668 to 1. Adapters are available in 21 and 23 spline configurations for 4cyl, V6 and Turbo applications.

You won't find a better, more reliable dual adapter anywhere, at any price. We have greatly increased the oiling flow in and around the adapter and bearing for cooler operation compared to other adapters on the market. We have also increased the strength of the casting by making the adapter walls thicker and by creating huge oversized gussets in the housing. A special retainer ring securely stabilizes the main bearing to prevent bearing play. Tight tolerances on the coupler ensure long life and reduce problems with striped-out input gears. The Trail-Creeper™ dual adapter is priced right, just $299 (including free ground shipping). We are so convinced of the quality of this product that we offer a lifetime warrantee against breakage.

Installation requires an additional top shifting Toyota gear-driven transfer case. Drive shaft and floorboard modifications are required for installation. Assembled dual adapter unit is 6.5" long.

Visit Trail-Gear at www.Trail-Gear.com





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