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Champion Beadlock
Champion Beadlock Itroduces ROCK THRASHER Ring

Lake Elsinore, CA - Champion Wheel is pleased to announce the release of its newest beadlock ring style in the off road market. The ROCK THRASHER ring is the latest and greatest for hard core rock crawlers. With integrated Rock Knobs, the Rock Thrasher ring is designed to protect the tire, wheel and beadlock mounting bolts, as well as give additional traction when rubbed against rocks on the trail.

Champion carries the Rock Thrasher already installed on American Racing 15- 16- and 17-inch wheels, or can convert your existing aluminum wheels in 2-3 business days. Available in polished, red, blue, black or gold finishes.

Chamption Beadlock

Call for specific pricing. www.CWIBeadlock.com, (951) 471-2183.





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