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ARB Snatch Block 9000

ARB Snatch Block 9000Renton, WA - Those that regularly head off the beaten track know how essential it is to be prepared for a recovery situation. A snatch block is an incredibly useful piece of recovery equipment that enables you to retrieve loads that are double a winch’s capacity by reducing the load on the winch by half. To add to ARB’s range of snatch blocks and recovery equipment, an innovative new snatch block for both off road and competition use has just been released.

Designed in Australia by ARB engineers, the Snatch Block 9000 features a revolutionary, computer optimised two-piece polymer pulley design for increased functionality and safety during a vehicle recovery. Tested to withstand the extremes of off-road competition winching, the snatch block features rounded safety edges to protect against pinch points during recovery situations, and also allows for easy one-handed loading and unloading of the cable or rope. The working load encountered during winching also has a positive effect on the snatch block by causing the plates to press together for extra support.

Suitable for use with bow shackle sizes up to 8.5 ton, the snatch block features high strength, low density materials which reduce the total weight of the block by up to 50% over other comparable rated snatch blocks. The design includes self-righting plates to eliminate the need to correctly position the block while introducing cable tension, while the inner pulley is made from self lubricating crystalline polymer to enable operation under high loads without the need for lubrication. 

These new snatch blocks are currently in stock and can be purchased through any ARB distributor throughout the United States and Canada, along with a variety of recovery gear for all recreational and competition 4WDing uses. For more details of ARB’s extensive range of 4x4 equipment including protection gear, Air Lockers and suspension, please contact them.

working load: 19,800lb
breaking strength: 38,500lb
side plate material: 1/5" cold rolled steel
pulley material: specialized polymer
pulley diameter: 4 1/3"
cable size: 1/3" - 1/2"
weight: 5.3lb
greasable: not required
manufactured from high strength, low density materials, the 19,800lb snatch block is strong but lightweight, making it ideal for competition purposes.









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