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ARB 35 Spline Air Locker For Jeep JK Dana 44

ARB RD147 Air LockerSeattle, WA To meet the demand of off-roaders looking to strengthen their current axles without going to the expense and weight penalties of a larger axle assembly, ARB has just released the latest model in their Performance Air Locker Series. Designed for the new 2007 and newer Jeep

Wrangler JK rear Dana 44, this new performance ARB Air Locker allows users to gain the axle strength they need from larger aftermarket 35 spline shafts and still retain their smaller, lighter Dana 44 assemblies.

Referred to as ARB part number RD147, this new Air Locker will accept 35 spline axle shafts which improve the torque range by about 30% over the stock 30 spline shafts that come installed in the JK Dana 44. As with other ARB Air Locker models, the RD147 features ARB’s patented “timed” locking mechanism that optimizes the Air Locker’s internal gear mesh in the locked configuration and increases the unlocking speed all at the touch of a dash mounted switch. Complete with the proven steel reinforced, elastomer bonded annular seal, this Air Locker is designed to handle the most extreme climatic temperatures on earth.

Using the very latest in parametric solid modeling systems and analysis packages, ARB’s engineering team
was able to perform comprehensive, live and virtual testing to develop a most impressive final product. The 35 spline, JK Wrangler rear Dana 44 Air Locker is available through any ARB retailer by ordering ARB part number RD147.

ARB Air Locker Features
- Provides 100% traction on demand without affecting on road drivability or driveline wear.
- Vastly improved traction means less reliance on momentum, which reduces the likelihood of vehicle
damage or environmental impact.
- 2007+ Jeep Wrangler JK Rear Dana 44 35 Spline Air Locker
- Easy, convenient operation allows the user to concentrate on the terrain without leaving the comfort
and safety of the driver’s seat.
- Ultra durable and extremely strong - only the highest quality materials used in construction.
- Incredibly simple yet effective design that employs minimal moving parts, thereby ensuring
maximum reliability
- Thoroughly tested and proven design - trusted and used in over 80 countries around the world.






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