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AEV Expedition Vehicles

AEV JK Snorkel with Air Ram

AEV JK SnorkelMissoula, MT - American Expedition Vehicles is proud to announce that its JK Snorkel system is now available with an optional Air Ram. This launch follows the successful April 2008 introduction of AEV's Snorkel system with cyclonic Pre-Filter.

JK owners can now select one or the other based on the type of environment in which their JK will operate. For dryer, open country, where heavy dust is a constant problem, the cyclonic Pre-Filter remains the logical choice and will dramatically increase engine filter life. However, for heavily wooded country, where the snorkel is likely to experience heavy abuse from contact with tree trunks and branches, AEV's highly impact-resistant new Air Ram is idea.

For more information visit www.aev-conversions.com







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