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Skyjacker 8.5 Inch Performance Lift - Ford Super Duty

Skyjacker SuspensionsWest Monroe, LA - Skyjacker's 8.5 Inch Performance Lift Package for the 2008 Ford Super Duty F-250/F-350 includes everything you need to go big and go strong. Skyjacker's 8.5 Inch System enhances the off-road capabilities and maintains an exceptional ride that is smooth, comfortable, and has stable control for the highway.

Skyjacker has engineered their 8.5 Inch system to replace the OEM radius arm design with High-Strength Heavy Wall DOM Tubular 4-Link Arms. Due to the mounting positions and the length of the new arms, Skyjacker's 4-Link design has essentially zero caster change throughout the entire suspension travel cycle. The front mount for these links attaches in the factory radius arm mount at the axle. The rear link attaches to Skyjacker's new drop mount bracketry at the stock radius arm rear mount at the frame.

The rear of these new link tubes are swaged for extra strength and then threaded to accommodate an adjustable rod end. This rod end is a forged steel alloy that is CNC machined for accuracy & Gold Zinc plated for extreme duty rating. The rod end is press fitted with a steel encased vulcanized rubber bushing that is similar to the eye of a leaf spring.

This new captured-bushing rubber material is much more durable and has an enhanced ratio of the spring characteristics. Its design can support the torque of the diesel engine and still provide years of trouble free service. This Front 4-Link Conversion is stronger, eliminates binding during articulation, and truly out performs the OEM radius arm design.

This performance package includes Skyjacker's front Softride® coils for height. Skyjacker Softride® coil springs deliver a smooth ride with great benefits for strong off-road durability. (There's also a special Limited Edition Series front Coil-Over Conversion is the works for the true performance enthusiasts.) An ultra heavy-duty drop track bar relocation bracket captures the front crossmember on both sides in this high-stress area. The front bump stops are relocated via drop brackets. Front and rear brake lines are replaced with D.O.T. certified extended length stainless steel braided brake lines.

Replacement sway bar end links reposition the sway bar to maintain the OE characteristics. A heavy-duty drop relocation bracket and a strong replacement HYDRO® steering stabilizer are furnished to help dampen out the harshness of the highway.

The KIT includes rear Lift Blocks & U-Bolts for an OE like ride. The SYSTEM includes Replacement Rear Softride® 2-Stage Leaf Springs for the ultimate in comfort. When the bed is light and empty, your vehicle rides largely on the 'stage one' of the spring pack, thus ensuring a smooth, comfortable ride. When loaded down with extra weight, the secondary stage is employed for additional support.

If the 8.5 Inch lift with 38s is too much for you, Skyjacker also offers a 2, 2.5, 4, and 6 Inch Lift. Both the 4 & 6 Inch lift are developed from the same principle front bracketry as the 8.5 Inch. The 4 & 6 Inch Lifts have the optional up-grade to the Front 4-Link Conversion in Skyjacker's Class II System. The 4 Inch lift will run 35's and the 6 Inch will clear 36's.

All of these suspension systems are specifically engineered for a simple straight forward installation. These 100% Bolt-On set-ups are ready to ship today. You can select from Skyjacker's premium line of shock absorbers - the HYDRO H7000, NITRO N8000, or BIG GAS M9000 Series shocks - to get the ones that best fits your truck's work and play rituals and your lifestyle.






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