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Paso Robles, CA - Here's the lastest news from Advance Adapters

Hemi Powered TJ Kit
Well here we go, we have just begun work on developing a conversion kit for the installation of the Mopar Hemi engine into the Jeep TJ model Wranglers. This kit promises to be a very complete and affordable solution for powering up your TJ. From engine mounts to electrical, we will have you covered with the new Hemi TJ conversion kit. This conversion kit should be ready to go to market in the next 30 to 60 days. More updates to follow as they become available.

Jeep 42RLE Rubi-Crawler
Like all great products in the making, we have run into a few little set backs along the way with the creation of the Rubi-Crawler. For those of you who don't already know what the Rubicrawler is, it is a planetary reduction housing that mimics the empty production tailhousing of the 42RLE transmission. The empty stock housing enabled us to take advantage of its unused space and give TJ & JK owners multiple low range gearing option with out taking up any extra space, and you know what that means...bolt in installation with absolutely no drive shafts mods. 

From the get go, one of our main objectives was the whole theory of "bolt in & no driveshaft mods", that's why when late in the project we found out that the 42RLE had multiple tailhousings with different lengths, a few things had to change. We knew that a change at this point would definitely put this product behind schedule, but ultimately knew it had to be done. So now instead of having one design for the Rubi-Crawler we have two, one for the TJ's and one for the JK's. As of today, we are projecting a Rubi-Crawler public release near the end of March.






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