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Warn Introduces New High Speed Winches

WarnClackamas, Oregon - New from Warn Industries comes the HS series of self-recovery winches. The HS stands for High Speed.

Warn wanted to bring out a faster winch, so they went to the Robert E. Bosch company and put their engineers together with their engineers to create a motor designed to hit stringent performance requirements, rather than use an off-the-shelf motor.

The new Warn motor has increased horsepower and line speed. Especially in the no-load arena. No-load line speed is important. That’s because most off-roaders don’t pull a vehicle out without driving and steering. The faster the no-load line speed, the less likelihood there is that the vehicle will drive over the rope. This fast no-load line speed reduces the chances of birds nesting and over-wraps that damage wire rope.

In general, the new motor delivers 15 to 20% more RPM and 40% more torque than Warn's prior motors. The new motors also run cooler and provide up to twice the winching distance of our old motors.

The 9500 stands for the rated line pull. Warn has reconfigured the drive train to improve both speed and efficiency. This results in a planetary gear train that has the same super fast line retrieval characteristics as their venerable M8274-50 spur gear winch. But it's rated 1500 pounds more, and is a little better than 30 pounds lighter.

For further information, contact:
Warn Industries
12900 S.E. Capps Rd., Clackamas, Oregon 97015
Phone: (888) 927-6246

Warn HS9000iWarn HS9500