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The Revolver Shackle

RevolverCasper, WY - Metal Made Rite introduces the Revolver Shackle. A new product designed for off-road use to enhance leaf spring suspensions. The Revolver Shackle replaces traditional shackles, for front and rear leaf springs. Currently the Revolver Shackle is available for Jeep Wrangler YJ, CJ, and Cherokee XJ.

The Revolver Shackle allows maximum use, of stock or after market lift suspensions. The Revolver Shackle has potential for the front spring to droop 9 inches on the YJ and CJ. The rear springs will droop 9 inches on the CJ and 10 inches on the YJ and XJ. From full compression with a negative arch, to extended droop, the Revolver Shackle allows the spring eye to stay in a resting position and let the shackle head rotate. This translates into a more relaxed spring position with less fatigue, extending the life of the leaf springs. Due to the Revolvers self-supporting design, it allows the leaf spring to start compression earlier resulting in a softer action and a more comfortable ride.

For further information, contact Metal Made Rite, L.L.C., 781 Foster Rd., Casper, Wyoming 82601
Phone: (307) 234-7430