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Expedition Outfitters - Pioneer Rack

Expedition OutfittersBoston, MA - The Pioneer Top Rack is by far the most innovative roof rack system on the market. Its unique telescoping clamping system is designed to clamp onto the roll bar of virtually all convertible Sport Utility Vehicles. In conjunction with the clamping system, the waterproof system is designed to allow consumers to use the Pioneer Top Rack with their soft-top. This system was designed to allow the user to use the rack with the soft-top up or down. The soft-top can also be used without the rack on the vehicle, as rubber gaskets will maintain the watertight integrity.

The Pioneer Top Rack is not only designed for soft-top vehicles. The clamping mechanisms can be easily removed from the rack and replaced with mounting brackets for hard top vehicles. In addition to fiberglass hard top mounting brackets, mounting systems are being designed to fit into the factory installed track system of non-convertible SUV's. This system enhances the versatility of the Pioneer Top Rack by allowing the consumer to use the rack on different types of SUV's that they own.

The Pioneer Top Rack is constructed out of 1 ½" aluminum and the side design is 3/8" aluminum. Combined together, the total weight is 38lbs. After extensive value engineering, the Pioneer Top Rack is light enough to be easily installed and removed by one person and strong enough to carry the load of 200lbs.

An available ladder is constructed out of 1 ½" aluminum tubing and is secured to the rack with three 3/8" stainless steel bolts. The ladder extends downward along the right rear of the vehicle and is secured to a bracket that is bolted to the body using the factory holes behind the taillight. The position of the ladder does not interfere with the rear tailgate. Hinge mechanisms are being designed to attach to the ladder so the rear hatch of the hard top can be operated. A light bar is also available.

For further information, contact Expedition Outfitters, 6 Champney Place, Boston, MA 02114
Phone: (617) 523-5902 or FAX: (617) 523-5526

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