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Dial-A-Jet Now Available for Carburetors

Dial-A-JetChandler, AZ - Dial-A-Jet is a patented Automatic Jetting System for carburetor equipped engines. It provides increased horsepower, torque, drivability and consistency, with less consumption.

Dial-A-Jet is an add fuel only system that senses your engine's demand for fuel and supplies fuel linear to engine load. A carburetor supplies fuel to an engine in proportion to the amount the throttle is opened. It cannot add or subtract fuel as engine load increases or decreases.

Dial-A-JetLowering the main jet size in the carburetor of your Dial-A-Jet equipped engine, allows your engine to operate at a slightly lean condition. This enables the Dial-A-Jet to provide the correct amount of fuel the instant your engine demands it. If no demand for additional fuel is sensed, no fuel is added.

Dial-A-Jet automatically adjusts the jetting to compensate for changing conditions in altitude, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure as well as octane rating. In extreme conditions, such as dramatic changes of altitude or temperature, a simple turn of a dial (rich or lean) will restore optimum performance.

For further information, contact:
D2 Performance Group, Inc.
4071 W. Linda Ln. - Chandler, AZ 85226
Phone: (480) 940-3911