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Tera LowApril 18, 1999:
Midvale, UT - Tera Manufacturing will ship its new, five-gear low-range kit for the Dana #20 transfer case. The Low20 kit changes the 2.03:1 stock low-range ratio to 3.15:1. This kit will fit Dana #20s (1963-'79) for CJs, Jeepsters, Jeep trucks, Wagoneers, and 1972-'79 Scouts. A version of this kit is available for Broncos using manual transmissions with six-spline input gears.
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Feb. 26, 1999:
Bulletproof Manufacturing has just released it's newest Force Field Bumper for CJ's, YJ's, TJ's, and FJ-40's. The FF5's bumper material is 2” x 5” rectangle tubing with a 3/16” wall and can include D-rings and a 2" reciever. Find out more here.

Radius Mexico
Jan. 15, 1999:
Radius Off-Road just announced the addition of the Mexico series bumpers to their line. This pre-runner style bumper fits '87-'99 Jeep Wrangler YJ's and TJ's. Each Mexico bumper is produced of high grade 1-5/8 inch schedule 40 steel with a wall thickness of 1/8 inch and is mandrel formed and welded to exact specifications.

TK SliderDec.12, 1998:
Sc4x4E releases TK Sliders. Instead of typical swaybar disconnects, TK Sliders actually stay connected and, instead, slide. TK Sliders may be used either on front or rear swaybars on Jeep TJ's. ROCKCRAWLER is proud to have prototyped the sliders for Sc4x4E on our Project TJ. Learn more about TK Sliders and buy them right here at Rockcrawler!

Platinum9000Dec.17, 1998:
Ramsey Winch dealers now have the new Platinum 9000 winch in stock and ready to ship. The winch has 150 feet of cable and a massive 3.6 horsepower motor. For great pricing and online ordering, check out Leon Rosser.

JonesFeb. 23, 1999:
Why are we showing a bottle of soda?
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Jack MateFeb. 12, 1999:
The Jack-Mate is a great add-on tool for your Hi-Lift which will allow you to clamp, crush, pull, winch and spread with your jack. It also has a set of spikes on the bottom for use as an anchor to keep the jack straight on ice or on a board in the mud. Find out more here.

Air Intake
Dec.22, 1998:
Leon Rosser has introduced a new line of air induction performance upgrades for Jeep Cherokees and Wranglers with I-6 motors. The assemblies include a new air intake assembly and K&N filter for increased airflow and horsepower. Contact: Leon Rosser

Dec.10, 1998:
ROCKCRAWLER is now offering free web-based email, allowing you to get an extra email address. The mail client allows filtering, an address book and more. Simply sign up from the Features page and return whenever you want to check or send mail. Your email address will read

Dec.16, 1998:
NEW! You've probably noticed this graphic on the Featues page. Here's the scoop. As many of you know, we bring out the major updates around the 1st of the month, since Rockcrawler is published in a magazine format. However, we do updates to the site every day. The NEW! graphic indicates that the item or article was not part of the original posting of the issue. It's just an eye-catcher to key you in on new stuff!

GearlessFeb. 24, 1999:
Did you know that every TJ with a Dana 35C has an ABS carrier? What that means is that Tractech's Gearless Locker is now available for all Dana 35C TJ's. Keep this in mind, also, when you order an EZ-locker or Lock-Rite. Find out more here.

FTE Trac Bar
March 1, 1999:
F.T.E. 4x4 Specialists now makes an adjustable front track bar (panhard rod) from EN 24 steel bar, using chrome-moly rod ends (XMR Series) and a machined insert that stops creep. Designed for RIGHT HAND DRIVE, it will fit Wrangler TJ's, Cherokee XJ's and Grand Cherokee ZJ's and is uitable for all suspension lifts. Comes complete with all fitting hardware and no welding is necessary.

Having a warranty dispute, due to aftermarket modifications to your vehicle? Learn your rights. Read about the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act.

Bumper DumperJan. 19, 1999:
This is not a joke! The Bumper Dumper just may save your butt on the trails!!! It hooks onto any 2" hitch receiver and makes a handy fishing seat, too!

Mr.EdDec.12, 1998:
Mr.Ed's Excellent Adventures videos are some of the hardest 4-wheeling videos you'll find anywhere. If you like your wheeling hard and on the rocks, Mr. Ed has what you need. The latest video in the series is from the BFGoodrich National Rockcrawling Championships. There are also 5 other videos in the series. All videos are over 2 hours long and sure to please all the little rockcrawlers on your shopping list. Check out Mr.Ed's videos!

Top Bunk
Dec.12, 1998:
Top Bunk fits your SUV and can comfortably sleep two adults on a large mattress. Comes with three tent-like openings that can be unzipped to allow entry or windows. Find out more about Top Bunk.