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Ok, so some of you have asked me who I am and what I'm all about. Well, I'll try to give you a little insight into how it all came to be.

YOMost of my time these days is spent managing and editing Rockcrawler 4x4 and Off-Road Magazine. It's a full-time job and is one hell of a lot of work. Rockcrawler.com grew out of an old site called "Jeepin'" which originally was just a personal site which chronicled my Jeep adventures. Jeepin' grew in popularity very quickly and I decided to start Rockcrawler. Well, as those of you who've followed along for the last 15 months know, Rockcrawler has grown even faster. Fast growth means more and more time working on it and that's great! Because of the site I've met people from all over the world and have wheeled with them on some of the toughest trails in North America.

YOI try to spend as much time as I can on the trails, playing with the RC Project TJ, but there are other things in life, you know, other than breaking a perfectly good Jeep. Right? ...... Right? Of course there is.

I've been working on computers since the dawn of the PC. I got my first computer 20 years ago... A Radio Shack TRS-80. What a machine! I remember having to "program" in games by hand, copying from books and hoping to not typo so I could play them. What a bunch of work! I learned early on that this computer stuff takes a lot of hard work to get good results. That work ethic has translated into how I put together Rockcrawler. The pages should look and lay out the same on just about any PC. That's not easy, and it's a lot of extra work, but I sure try.

MixerThough I've worked on computers for two decades, I do have another love in my life and that's music. From about the age of 9 I wanted to make records. Years later, that dream became reality and I went to work at a couple of major-league recording studios on the East Coast. Big multi-million dollar studios that cost $250 an hour to record in, using tape machines that cost over a quarter-million dollars! I later came home to Texas where I set up a CD mastering studio, named Guerilla Audio, which I still run, and also do quite a bit of live concert sound.

LaminatesThrough music, I have toured all 48 contiguous US states and just about every Canadian province, running sound for crowds as big as 50,000 people. Talk about adrenaline! I've certainly had the opportunity to see a huge chunk of North America. Being on the road also made it clear to me that I am of the nomadic kind. People often find it strange when I tell them that I don't mind driving a day or two to get to a 4x4 run to play for a couple days. I love being on the road and seeing America. There are so many great people out there and great places and things to see. Music and 4-wheeling have allowed me to go and see them.

Lately, the magazine has taken precidence over the music stuff, so I'm not touring anymore. I do, however, keep my hands in it. I handle the stage and sound production at a large country music venue here in Texas and am also the bar manager there. Stop in and I'll buy you a round. It's the real deal. Real cowboys. 100 year old building. Bullet holes in the bar. Talk about fun! The folks there are great and know that I like to split here and there to go play on the rocks.

AFWSo if this isn't enough to keep my busy, I am also the President of the Austin Four Wheelers, which I started in September of 1998. The club has grown quickly to almost 40 members and we are already a member of the Southwest Four Wheel Drive Association. I also spend lots of time designing and managing a bunch of other websites. Need a site done? Let me know. I can probably fit you in!

Hand ModelSo, I keep myself busy. When I'm not making tunes, making pages, or breaking things, I spend time as a professional hand model. You may have seen my hands in such great tech reports as The Currie Tire Deflator. Notice how my fingers truly show operation of the equipment, but at the same time are carefully kept out of the way of the product. Now that's talent, eh! My hands are available for your photo shoots, too. Just call my agent.

Ok. Well that's the quick version, anyway. Take care and enjoy the magazine. See you on the rocks! 10TXJEEPER Dec. 27, 1998