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  1. Snevey

    BFG Stickies (RED LABEL)

    We have great pricing on BFG Red Label 37", 39" and 42" and awesome customer service. So givve us a call 530-255-4302 Take a look at out website for other great deals at
  2. Snevey

    Reid Racing From Snevey's Offroad

    We now are offering Reid Racing Products. Now you can get your favorite parts and our great price & service right here at Snevey's Offroad. Just shoot me a PM, Post right here or just give us a call. We will get you a quote & get them shipped to you asap. 530-255-4302 or find them at...
  3. Snevey

    Beadlocks from Snevey's Offroad

    Do you need Beadlocks? We got you coverd. We sell high quality beadlocks! Top name brands like: Raceline, Trail Ready, Method, ATX, Walker Evens, KMC, DV8, Pro Comp & Trail-Gear. Give us a call 530-255-4302 shoot me a PM or Post up right here what you need. We will be glad to help you.
  4. Snevey


    Need Rock Lights? Look no further. Our LED Rock Lights are Rock Proof, Water Proof, Mud Proof and BRIGHT. Our rock lights are made with Cree chips, and come in many different color options. Backed by our 2 year full replacement warranty. This kit comes with all the wiring you need. ORDER...
  5. Snevey

    Heavy Duty Rear Disc Brake Conversion

    Need more stopping power? These Disc brakes are also self cleaning and bring a weight savings of 50+ lbs making this is a great upgrade for your rock crawler, mud bogger or pulling truck. These brackets are made to fit the mighty Chevy/GMC14 bolt FF rear axle 1973-1988 & Dana 60 & 72-79 Ford SRW...
  6. Snevey

    Highlander LED Lighting

    Here at Snevey's Offroad we pride ourselves, on bringing you the best LED Lights for your hard working dollar. Our in house brand Highlander LED Lighting gives you the best quality & priced LED Light Bars on the market. With the latest designs, built to last and ready for any adventure, our...
  7. Snevey

    Snevey's Synthetic Winch Rope FREE SHIPPING

    Are you tired of snagging your hand on that old steel cable? Your already soaking wet, its about 40* & your buddy drove right into that big mud pit. Now you are paying for it with winching his drunk a## out. Well we got you covered! We have our own brand of synthetic rope. Your choice of...
  8. Snevey

    Gears & Axels From Snevey's Offroad

    Snevey's Offroad is proud to bring you Revolution Gear & Axle Nitro Gear & Axle Trail-Gear G2 Axle & Gear Motive Gear Richmond Alloy USA Superior Axle & Gear Dana Spicer Check out their line of products and let me know what you need! They have wide range of... - Axle Shafts - Ring & Pinions -...
  9. Snevey

    ARB Detroit,Eaton,Aussie,OX,Auburn Lockers From SOR

    Whether you are looking for added traction for your wheeler or just repairing what you have we have a large selection of lockers, limited slips and open differentials. We have one the largest selection of high performance differentials found anywhere in the marketplace in stock ready to ship. We...
  10. Snevey

    Winches From Snevey's Offroad

    Did you get stuck over the weekend? Well give us a call we have a solution. We sell Warn, TG, Mile Marker, Superwinch, Smittybilt & Rugged Ridge winches. Shoot me a pm or post up what brand you want and what size. I WILL THROW IN A FREE ALUMINUM HAWS FAIRLEAD ON EVERY ORDER. We appreciate your...
  11. Snevey

    Trail-Gear From Snevey's Offroad

    We are proud to have Trail-Gear as our main Toyota Parts supplier. We take pride in all the products we sell. Why? You our customer. We want to give you the best service and the best products for your hard working dollar. Trail-Gear has made this easy for us. They have been on top of their game...
  12. Snevey

    Hey Im New Here

    What up guys
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