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  1. OldRocDoc

    Build Thread JHF Trail Chassis

    Here is a video on, I think the second or third day out of the shop, showing Woody trying to gain admission to the Boom Boom Room;) It gives a good look at the buggy and how well it performs (no comment on the tires). Cool to see the rear drive shaft spinning so fast before reduction by the...
  2. OldRocDoc

    Build Thread JHF Trail Chassis

    Anxious to follow in awe:smokin:
  3. OldRocDoc

    Build Thread JHF Trail Chassis

    May I ask what happened with the Midnight Metalworks T-case? I have one good friend who has some issues with the shifters....just curious🤓
  4. OldRocDoc

    Build Thread JHF Trail Chassis

    Great to see and hear it run on FB
  5. OldRocDoc

    Build Thread JHF Trail Chassis

    Two to Twelve is looking doable🤣 Great work, as always!
  6. OldRocDoc

    Build Thread JHF Trail Chassis

    I really enjoyed seeing this project in person last week. Fantastic job and attention to detail.:smokin:
  7. OldRocDoc

    Joint Effort, Nasty Half, Nasty Whole...

    Typical Trail Hero day on Nasty Half :laugh:
  8. OldRocDoc

    Sand Hollow - Camping Info

    Sad to learn, but fully understand, that there will be no more primitive camping at Sand Hollow State Park. I have enjoyed the "lake front" camping for many years and will miss it greatly☹️
  9. OldRocDoc

    Build Thread JHF Trail Chassis

    You are having FAR too much fun and challenging activities;)
  10. OldRocDoc

    Build Thread JHF Trail Chassis

    So jealous and happy for you!
  11. OldRocDoc

    Build Thread JHF Trail Chassis

    Indeed!!! I just had to pull my tranny and TC to replace the front seal in the TH400. What a PITA😫 The IDIOT that built this Old Red Farm Truck did it so the Atlas has to come out the top and the transmission out the bottom.🤣 Glad to see Woody taking the time to do things right.
  12. OldRocDoc

    For Sale: WA/USA Hughes Performance Torque Converter

    GM 25HD Street Master 2500 rpm Flash Stall, Heavy Duty Sprag. Fits TH350 and TH400 Requires GM Flex Plate with 10.750" bolt circle Low mileage converter $150 OBO Ship on buyers dime from 98629 La Center, WA
  13. OldRocDoc


    Great camera work and editing! Thank you👍
  14. OldRocDoc

    Build Thread JHF Trail Chassis

    Is the multi-joint mechanical steering designed to place the orbital far from the driver, or to place it closer to the pump and front steering ram? There is a lot of new hydraulic thinking that I have not kept up with.
  15. OldRocDoc

    Build Thread JHF Trail Chassis

    Should be a really fun build. I really like this chassis
  16. OldRocDoc


    The Trail Tough rear disconnect seems to work very well (and half the price of the Trail Gear air-activated unit).
  17. OldRocDoc

    Chain Reaction

    I am usually denied on the second obstacle, but this is still one of my most favorite trails. Some video from last fall:
  18. OldRocDoc


    Uppermost obstacles of Roller Coaster for those of us blessed with "full-figured" rigs;)
  19. OldRocDoc


    Covid Solitude has given me time to process some video from last fall. Here is a link to some Joint Effort action.
  20. OldRocDoc


    Short video of Charlie Vacha playing on Arrowhead a few days before his class win at the Trail Gear/Supercrawl 2019 Trail Hero event.
  21. OldRocDoc

    Buggy Things

    It is a screen grab from a video, but I think this is a cool picture:
  22. OldRocDoc

    Sandy Hollow

    The trails at Sand Hollow are often hard to find and stay on, so I highly recommend that at least one member of your group has the CartoTracks mapping system.
  23. OldRocDoc

    Sandy Hollow

    It is called Sand Hollow, youngster;) woody's suggestions should keep you busy for 3-4 days -- all fun. If those are not challenging enough, try Joint Effort. TNT and Chain Reaction. Run those, share pictures and we will all be impressed:smokin:
  24. OldRocDoc

    DriveTrails - Arrowhead

    Sometimes even old fools do things right -- either that or the sand was very deep making the obstacle easy in 2016;)
  25. OldRocDoc

    The Squeeze

    Those of us with "Full-Figured Ladies" might find that just a tad bit confining;) Looks like a fun trail.
  26. OldRocDoc

    Winter 4x4 Jamboree

    Slightly better weather than last year?
  27. OldRocDoc

    Trail Hero 2018 - Joint Effort

    Fun trail with some awesome people.
  28. OldRocDoc

    Rock Crawling

    It is a pleasure to watch a really well-edited rock crawling video. Thank you.
  29. OldRocDoc

    Roller Coaster - Chutes and ladders.

    I like to see the super wheeling pictures and the promotion of Trail Hero on the FToy.
  30. OldRocDoc

    Ash Creek

    Looks like a very fun alternative to the Sand Hollow slickrock. Are we going to get a review on your new tires??
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