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  1. howiebilt

    HoWiEpAlOoZa 2014

    This one will be the 15th annual and I hope it will be the best ever. I am doing a raffle this year ! I'll post more info soon Howie
  2. howiebilt

    24' Aluminum trailer

    I would like to see more pics of the finished trailer. I am curious to see what you did to fill in where the front axle used to be . Looks good :cool: Howie
  3. howiebilt

    FJ40 project

    I think you should have put those skins on your tube chassis and been done by now ;)
  4. howiebilt

    HoWiEpAlOoZa 2012

    I am both pleased and honored to to announce that Howiepalooza will be held at Southern Missouri Off Road Ranch this year !!!!!!!!!!! It's going to be the best one ever and I hope that my Rockcrawler friends will mark their calendars for April 27th -29th. Check out their website SMORR, Southern...
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