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  1. Mace

    Brake port confusion

    So, I've been fighting the brakes on my FJ40 with D60 front and 14 bolt rear (3/4 ton D44 disk conversion). Existing master setup is a 79 Dual diaphram booster with a 1" FZJ 80 series master cylinder, but I'm about to add a 86 GM 1 ton master cylinder. My main question right now is which...
  2. Mace

    PSC (or other high output brand) Power steering pump

    Specs, FJ60 with a stock gearbox, 1.5" hydraulic ram, and a stock Saginaw pump. The box is ported and with 6-an lines to the ram assist. The sag pump has had the washers removed and the orifice drilled out Per the West Texas Off Road website. Currently it does not seem to be providing the...
  3. Mace

    Build Thread 1963 International Scout 80

    So I picked up a 63 Scout 80. It's not exactly typical. I think it was in the mid east and then brought back to the USA for some reason or another. The whole reason for this build is for my son as a daily driver when he turns 16. I figure, if the boy has a vested interest in the car, he may...
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