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  1. rhinobuggie

    67 Bronco build list

    1967 Ford Bronco I started with a mostly stock 67 , other than 2 inch lift and 31 inch tires . Now the only things left from 67 are the frame and the dash Body is a 4wd fiberglass Engine 351w 30 over trw 10.5 to 1 pistons , comp cam AFR 185 alum heads with roller valve train Howell efi...
  2. rhinobuggie

    Tow hook

    Would you use this tow hook ? Vendor says it's made the fail before the hitch does
  3. rhinobuggie

    24' Aluminum trailer

    Mounted mine under the rear mounts for the fenders , some what guarded there
  4. rhinobuggie

    24' Aluminum trailer

    You should mount some LED lights as backup lights on the trailer . Did it on mine . making the backing into a dark driveway so much ez r . Picked these LED's as an upgrade for the trailer
  5. rhinobuggie

    Gen 2 gears

    Friend has had 2 sets of 4:56 gears on a Dana 35 break the teeth off . What brand of gears are you guy's running
  6. rhinobuggie

    Go Pro vid from my Bronco

    I think I need to change the mount on the axle for the lower links , I lubed them and it still squeaks plus the the go pro cam pick's it up from the cage to , not as loud as it make's it to be
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    flex pic's

  8. rhinobuggie

    Go Pro vid from my Bronco

    Go Pro vid from my Bronco on the pipeline , going up thunder mt . I passed the Jeep twice on the same trail before he could get to the top , and the trail is only about 1/2 mile long
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    The Menace returns!

    Welcome back
  10. rhinobuggie

    Heat the tire's

    Put a little heat in the tires
  11. rhinobuggie

    If it can flex it's ez

    Old leaf spring vs 4 link
  12. rhinobuggie

    Wheel'n near Richland Center WI

    Wheel'n on the water fall trail with Chevinator and the Rodent Extermator
  13. rhinobuggie

    What's a early Bronco worth

    So you want to buy an early Bronco Whats a Early Bronco Worth? I have seen the question...whats this bronco worth too many times to count! After years of looking at many, many broncos that are for sale, this is my baseline for value. Whats a bronco worth......I should add that these are the...
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    The Bronco will be getting rear 4 link with Bilstien coilover as soon as Bilstien build's them , they are back order for a month now . Hot seller I guess Here's a link to some video's of my Bronco enjoy Jay
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    These 2 are from the twister run . Going up a 5 foot high climb with a hole just at the top of the step on the drive's side Jay
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    Here's a vid of me play'n on some rock's Jay
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    valving is 360/80 spring's are 185 and 200
  20. rhinobuggie

    Fox Valley Bronco

    Hello from the Fox Valley Wi I've owned and wheeled my 67 Bronco for 24 plus years . The bronco started out nearly stock to it's present state of narrowed Dana 60 front axle with 4 link and coilovers . Stak 3 speed T case and the lastest of a Howell efi system . Jay
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    If your look'n get more flex out of your old rig , look to 4 link and coilover shocks. With the Ridder Fab 4 link system I have and 14 inch Bulstien coilover shocks I net 26 inches of travel Jay
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